Commissioning & on-site test



Quality procedure for the startup and handover of your electrical equipment

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The commissioning of a UPS system or other Critical Power supply systems covers start-up of the equipment, verification of its functions according to its design specifications, and to ensure that it is compatible with the customer’s working environment.
Socomec performs the commissioning service within a quality process standard by ensuring that your UPS equipment will be delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition.





 Key points



 • Work environment inspection    • Commissioning performed with the best working standards
 • Electrical installation check (isolator switch, cabling, circuit    • Compatibility with your work environment 
   breakers etc.)    • Compliance with the various installation standards
 • UPS internal and external check    
 • System power on and set up      
 • Operating test    
 • Load bank test (on request)      

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