UPS systems for medical equipment


SOCOMEC's Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems for medical equipment are designed to provide continuous power supply to medical imaging equipment. This includes MRI systems, X-ray devices, CT systems and ultrasound equipment. These types of equipment have both demanding and important electrical requirements (high inrush currents, pulse streams, etc.). Failure to provide adequate electrical power can adversely affect their proper functioning and consequently the continuity of care and productivity of the hospital facility. Serious situations can result.

SOCOMEC UPS systems for medical equipment are also used to ensure: the protection and availability of computer systems, patient data security and the security of hospital communication systems. Find out more about all the solutions offered by SOCOMEC.

Solutions for medical imaging

• The medical equipment market is facing growing demand for better prevention and treatment of human pathologies.
• Having medical imaging equipment always on hand and in top working order is essential for a hospital’s efficiency and productivity. The power supply for such equipment is especially demanding: high inrush currents, pulse streams, etc.
• The solutions that SOCOMEC provides for securing the power supply to medical imaging equipment must therefore meet such constraints to ensure their correct operation.
• Socomec has developed its know-how in this specific field via its partnership with Philips Medical, designing UPS solutions dedicated to securing the power supply to imaging equipment (MRI, angiography, CT scanners, etc.).