Maintenance and professional services

50 years manufacturer experience of Critical Power care

The expertise of a single design, manufacture and maintenance supplier

Since 1968, Socomec has been developing products and services which are geared towards the quality and continuity of your high quality energy.

UPS specialists at your service

Our Services team comprises qualified engineers whose mission is to guarantee the correct operation of your UPS system(s).
We offer a comprehensive support service package which gives you complete peace of mind: commissioning, on-site testing, certified preventive maintenance visits, 24-hour call out and rapid on-site repairs, genuine (original) spare parts, power quality and energy efficiency audits, consultancy, design and implementation of installation modifications and updates, etc.

The availability of original spare parts

The various original parts and components that we stock guarantee that any faulty equipment can be rapidly brought back online, whilst maintaining its original performance and reliability.

Respect for the environment

As a manufacturer, we are committed to protecting the environment and actively participate in the development of legislation and standards related to this issue. This guarantees that we will always respond to the demands of legislation concerning the disposal of used components and respect recycling procedures.


Our expertise is dedicated to optimising the performance of your low voltage UPS equipment during its life cycle.

appli_739_a.jpg  Preventive maintenance and service operations
appli_738_a.jpg Electrical measurement and analysis
appli_737_a.jpg UPS optimisation
corpo_437_a.jpg  Consultancy, deployment and UPS technical training
corpo_351_a.jpg  Testing laboratory


Key figures

More than 370 Socomec experts supported by 175 engineers and technicians from our distributors, drive the solutions to your specific needs.
Our global presence includes:
  • 10 branches in France,
  • 12 European subsidiaries,
  • 8 asian subsidiaries,
  • representatives in 70+ countries.
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   On-site service management


   Technical hotline network


   Certified expertise

  • 105,000 service operations per year (mainly preventive visits)
  • 98% Service level agreement compliance rate
  • 20+ languages spoken
  • 3 advanced technical support centres
  • 100,000+ incoming calls handled per year
  • 4,500 hours of technical training deployed per year (product, methodology and safety)
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