Preventive maintenance for UPS systems



Improving reliability and durability of your Critical Power equipment

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The service life of the UPS depends on various factors such as load specifications (percentage, linearity and variability) and the operating environment (temperature, humidity, level of pollution).
To keep the UPS running at maximum levels of efficiency and to avoid system downtime with possible risks and damage to loads, it is important to have the manufacturer’s expertise to perform regular preventive maintenance.
This is the best way to ensure the reliability of your UPS equipment over time and the most cost effective solution to keep the Total Cost of Ownership under control.



 Key points

 • Inspections: mechanical, electrical, battery
 • Dust removal/equipment cleaning
 • Software updates
 • Electronics testing
 • Environmental checks
 • Battery check
 • Maintenance report


 • Helps reduce equipment malfunction
 • Optimises operating efficiency
 • Extends equipment lifetime
 • Improves system availability