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The increasing demand for high quality energy – supplying Data Centres and other critical infrastructure – makes the UPS one of the most vital elements of your electrical architecture.





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When the UPS’ operating parameters fall outside the permitted range, the service will automatically identify the anomaly and notify the nearest Socomec Service Centre to carry out proactive troubleshooting.
* after subscribing to a maintenance contract



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With this smart approach, thanks to the SoLink service, we can identify and carry out a range of remote fixes - without being physically in front of the equipment. If, however, an on-site intervention is necessary, a Socomec engineer can be deployed immediately along with the pre-diagnostic brief and any spare parts that might be required.



Thanks to this approach, we are able to reduce the risk of downtime significantly; saving time as well as human and financial resources - every step of the way.




Remote troubleshooting
Socomec technicians are available upon request to remotely access the UPS. Diagnostics tasks conducted in a more precise and instantaneous way and problem solving interventions can be initiated, as if in front of the machine.
• direct expert access to your UPS
• root cause analysis – with no downtime
• issue detection in real-time
• remote tasks can be run within cyber security protocols




Periodic reporting
Socomec experts will provide a periodic UPS health-check report with recommendations to improve overall system availability:
• Event statistics
• Trend analysis
• Technical recommendations



Interactive web dashboard
Verifying your UPS performance and historical data just a click away.
• visualise the data history for the main operating parameters
• select your period (hour / day / week / month / year)
• choose the sampling frequency of the measurement
• zoom in on the graph to see the detail


SoLive UPS

Live UPS data always in hand

SoLive UPS is a free app which enables you to monitor your UPS in real-time, by smartphone.



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