Custom energy storage solutions

Our engineering know-how for your specific solution up to 1 MW / 2 MWh


turnkey-energy-storage-solutions.jpgYou have a project, requirements and objectives
We have a team, skill and a deep experience
Working together, we will make your project a success


Socomec ESS has established a dedicated team to create custom solutions – whether based on a pre-defined design or engineered to be a completely bespoke response for your unique requirements.




A proven process to meet customer expectations


turnkey-energy-storage-process.pngBased on our experience and Battery Energy Storage achievements, SOCOMEC has designed a process to support customer projects

1. Pre Sales Support

  • Analysis of customer requirements
  • Pre-technical design
  • Quotation of the technical solution

2. Project design and realization

  • Allocation of a dedicated project manager
  • Design of the complete solution by co-engineering with the customer
  • Production and procurement of all equipment

3. Tests and Commissioning

  • Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Site inspection
  • Site Acceptance Tests and commissioning
  • Documentation and customer training

4. Operating and maintenance services

  • Troubleshooting, data management and reporting
  • Periodic on-site inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Warranty management


Our Team & Means energy-storage-expertise.png

Our expertise : a wide range of skills

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Thermal
  • Automation
  • Battery technologies
  • Communication & IoT

Our workforce: a complementary set of profiles

  • Electro-mechanical engineers to design cutting-edge energy storage architectures
  • Automation engineers to develop energy storage control systems
  • Battery experts to provide advanced analysis for energy storage solution
  • Dedicated customer resources to manage the project from design to commissioning
  • Service experts to carry out the commissioning and to support customers for operation


Our means : a high investment to provide qualified solutions

Demonstrators to design and test new services in real operating conditions
Discover our Energy Storage Container and the SOCOMEC CIL Building, equipped with all our cutting-edge technologies.


socomec-testing-platform.pngSOCOMEC Testing Platform to lead Factory Acceptance Tests of the complete customers storage solution (Capability to test up to 4 containers in parallel).
Platform electrical capabilities:

  • Two independents 400kW power grid
  • Islanding possibility
  • AC and DC simulators to generate Grid events and Batteries
  • Multiple loads to simulate customer facilities
  • Container FAT capabilities :
    • Possibility to perform FAT simultaneously on two containers
    • Up to 4 containers on FAT area



External tools

SOCOMEC has developed partnerships with several external laboratories or grid operators to carry out additional tests :

  • EDF Power Networks Lab to test our energys storage solutions in a real situation
  • TUV, Fraunhofer Institut, and CREI Ven to qualify and certify the compliance with the required standards
  • EURO test to perform thermal and vibration tests under extreme conditions


turnkey-energy-storage-solutions-4.jpgYour benefits

  • Custom design : solution adjusted as closely as possible to customer demand
  • Optimist cost : all skills and tools are mastered internally
  • High quality : industrial tool and process certified by ISO 9001
  • Reliability and availability : thanks to proof load test and remote support










Energy Storage Equipment - A modular Energy Storage architecture

Your custom Battery Energy Storage Solution based on Standard equipment

  • SUNSYS bi-directional converters from 66 to 1000 kVA, for on-grid and off-grid application, with transformer
  • SUNSYS Battery racks of 91,3kWh, up to 16 racks, BBMS integrated, power supply box
  • SUNSYS AC cabinet with surge protection, power monitoring, power switching and ground connection for off-grid applications
  • SUNSYS DC with ultra-rapid fuse protection, insulation monitoring and power switching
  • SUNSYS Control module with metering and power monitoring, battery data logging, Islanding controller (for resilient microgrids) and remote management



Why a standard architecture?

  • A complete solution composed with all equipment of the BESS installed and wired
  • Many configurations with few standard equipment
  • Qualified, tested and documented technical architecture
  • Designed for high quality solutions
  • Better prices
  • Shorter delivery time
  • Standards compliant


Container integration


turnkey-solution-container-layout.pngContainer integration is an all-in-one integrated solution, limiting on-site preparation and working time. The full Container configuration is ready to connect on the your grid, and passed through a Factory Acceptance Test quality process.
The choice of Maritime ISO container allows the BESS to be shipped all around the globe, and bring a highly robust technical room.


Based on standard container engineering integration, the solution may be adapted to specific needs and requirement:

  • Extreme external ambient conditions, for example high level of container isolation, cooling system redundancy, protection against saline environments…
  • PV installation integration, hosting of an additional cabinet for the conversion system and the protection devices of the solar panels
  • Integration of a transformer for a direct connection to the medium voltage
  • On-demand container design for hosting non-standard equipment, for example specific models of batteries or additional AC-Cabinet for protection and control of multiple production sources
  • Integration of 3rd party devices for control & automation of all the battery energy storage system
  • And obviously, specific colors or branding, required by the customers


Container dimensioning (depending on the BESS sizing)

  • 10 Ft => up to 200kVA / 365kWh
  • 20 Ft => up to 400kVA / 731kWh
  • 40 Ft => up to 1MW / 1,5MWh
  • Other type of container for a sizing up to 2MWh




Control platform & Automation


SOCOMEC has develop a modular and adaptive platform which is the brain of your energy storage solution
Whether you want a complete solution including EMS functions or you have your own EMS, the control platform offered by SOCOMEC will meet your expectations


Local Management

Included in the Control Module cabinet, our control platform is composed by a lot of advanced equipment for a complete monitoring and management of the energy storage system



Remote management

The availability of your battery energy storage system is critical.
No matter where it is located, we can manage it.


Remote access services

  • Data collection for failure alert, reporting and proactive maintenance
  • Technical support for preparation for commissioning, troubleshooting and software update
  • Real-time monitoring for a constant control of your energy storage system