UPS Masterys BC+ Flex


A system that fits every space
Three-phase UPS from 10 to 40 kVA

The solution for

• SME IT networking / computer rooms
• Building automation
• Payment systems
• Public sector
• Security control


A flexible and cost-effective solution

• The Flex model eliminates space and installation restrictions with the «3-in-1» solution.
• Equipped with an output and manual bypass breaker in standard mode.
• Mimic panel can be rotated to enable the information displayed to be read easily.
• High recharging current option for very long back-up time.

Fast and easy installation

• Easy to configure for retrofit in existing installations.
• Free eRULER online sizing tool to get dimensions and electrical information in advance before installation.
• Quickly get online product documentation by simply inputting the Serial Number

User and environmentally friendly

• 25+ languages available in the mimic panel.
• Ergonomics designed to simplify usage.
• Anticipates eco-regulations and is RoHS compliant.