A responsible, open and committed group for sustainable growth

The independence of the Socomec Group guarantees the control of its strategic and operational decisions, and is fully in keeping with the values forged by its family shareholding and shared by all members of staff. The company therefore has chosen to clarify the question of its responsibility with regard to its shareholders, employees, customers and partners, as well as its relation to civil society at large and its environment. The Socomec Group fully assumes this responsibility through its commitments, thereby fostering the conditions for a lasting and coherent development.


“Our family-owned and independent company is reinforced by its culture and values. Our natural assets and our innovative approach allows us to create lasting value. We favour a mid to long term company vision that will assure sustainable growth whilst respecting people, society and the environment.”

Ivan Steyert
Chairman & CEO

We are rated as a « Gold » company by EcoVadis


ecovadis_gold_2022.pngSOCOMEC is recognised for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach by the Ecovadis rating platform. With a score of 71/100, based on 2020 data, our group received the ‘Gold’ status in 2022.


EcoVadis, an independent rating agency specialising in CSR, has placed SOCOMEC in the top 5% of companies assessed within its category, as well as in the general ranking covering all types of companies.


Since 2014, this assessment has enabled Socomec to identify its areas for improvement and to implement appropriate action plans, as part of a continuous improvement process. It reflects the Group's growing commitment to social responsibility and the structuring of its Sustainable Development strategy in keeping with its values.


It also reflects the commitment of a company focused on the well-being of its employees, that is responsible in its commercial relations and that cares for the environment.


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Our commitments

  • Our economic commitments

      • To optimise our growth via a specific business model:

      - by using a medium to long term approach to decide our company’s strategy,

      - by limiting our debt thanks to a growth model that favours profitability and use of equity capital,

      - by ensuring corporate governance based on good business practice and with a board open to non-family directors.

      • To strengthen our positioning as specialists centred on the customer and targeted applications:

      - by focusing our product offer on our customers’ power performance,

      - by targeting the constant satisfaction of their expectations,

      - by investing in new technological knowhow,

      - by encouraging direct contact for all sales,

      - by fostering innovation at all levels of our organisation.

      • To develop our international business activities to ensure long term growth:

      - by establishing industrial plants in emerging markets whilst applying a “Centre of Excellence” policy that maintains our manufacturing jobs on all European sites,

      - by seeking the right balance in the management of our subsidiaries (centralisation / decentralisation).

  • Our social commitments

    • Insisting on a fair social contract open to all cultures without discrimination, we are committed to the following:

      • To institute working relations that encourage the initiative and commitment of our staff:

      - through contractual management that aims to develop relational ability,

      - through the continuous improvement of our organisations and working methods,

      - by implicating personnel in the company’s success.

      • To develop our human resources by maximising our people’s employability:

      - through an ambitious training policy,

      - through a motivating approach to skills management.

      • To respect people, their working conditions, their safety and their rights wherever we operate:

      - through a vigilant health & safety policy,

      - through open and constructive social dialogue,

      - through equal opportunities for all staff.

  • Our commitments to the community

    • As a good-citizen company, we are committed to the following:

      • To develop our business whilst respecting good ethical practice:

      - through a responsible purchasing policy,

      - through an exemplary business ethic.

      • To advance our profession in its evolution and practices:

      - through active participation in professional bodies and standards authorities,

      - through policies in support of training and education that are relevant to our business activities.

      • To back associative and cultural development within civil society:

      - through a few focused programmes in cultural and humanitarian sponsorship,

      - through supporting our staff in their involvement in associations outside of the company,

      - through our involvement in external initiatives in favour of sustainable development.

  • Our environmental commitments

    • Being active in helping to preserve natural resources, we are committed to the following:

      • To promote energy efficiency in our sphere of business:

      - by helping our customers to reduce their energy bills,

      - by diversifying our product offer in the renewable energy sector,

      - by equipping our manufacturing and commercial sites with solar-powered installations.

      • To minimise our impact on the environment and in particular our carbon footprint:

      - through ISO 14001 certification for our production sites,

      - by optimising energy consumption in our manufacturing and commercial sites,

      - through rigorous management of our industrial and office waste,

      - by taking into account the life cycle of our products.