STATYS Hot-Swappable

Static Transfer System from 32 to 100 A


High availability

• Complete separation of both sources and the related distribution systems.
• Dual source redundancy supplies the load choosing the best source quality ensuring continuity
• No-break transfer of the loads.
• Distributed STS for load separation avoiding mutual disturbances.
• Full internal redundant design and failure management.
• Separation of main functions to prevent internal fault propagation.
• Neutral loss detection on both sources.

High flexibility

• Compact hot swap 19” rack system (the smallest on the market)
• Suitable for all types of:
- applications and power supply systems,
- electrical environment conditions,
- load to protect.
• Easy installation and maintenance:
- for existing or new electrical plants,
- small footprint and compact units,
- adjacent or back to back mounting,
- front access.
• Available with or without neutral connection and with or without neutral pole switching.