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The creation of the work in time lapse


Interview with Kazyusclef

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Street art at Socomec

Art has had its rightful place at Socomec for a long time: concerts, exhibitions, creative events, … and there have been many artistic partnerships that have been associated with the company’s major events in its history, and that are a demonstration of our openness to creativity in the widest sense. Today, in support of the Socomec Group’s continuing growth, a new artistic venture is taking shape around Street art...

Following a call for submissions, the first artist to exercise their talents on the company's walls is one who goes under the name of KAZYUSCLEF, or 'Kazy', to his friends. Kazy is a graduate of the "L'Ecole Supérieure de l'Image" in Nantes, and works with the "100 pression" urban collective. For the last 15 years around the world he has been developing an experimental and singular contemporary universe which is enriched by references to modernist masters such as Braque, Chagall and Rivera...


“Energy for a cleaner world” according to Kazy

photo-kazy.jpgTo reflect the ambition of Socomec to support tomorrow’s new forms of energy distribution, Kazy proposes the allegory of the flying man, one of mankind’s oldest dreams. This combines the image of a bird with that of the human body in a movement that evokes the ‘S’ of Socomec. His men-birds, representing the idea of a collective that is dear to the company, seek a clean, natural and almost eternal energy as we might find in the stars. The powerful midnight blue background representing dreams and the unknown are combined with shades of red that evoke warmth and energy and offer an enthralling contrast. The more astute observers among us will detect the reference to the man-bird of Hans Arp, the famous surrealist artist from Strasbourg who also decorated the Aubette building in the Alsatian capital.

"Part of our policy for openness"


Photo-Ivan-Steyert.jpg" Companies have a role to play in promoting this highly contemporary and youth-driven artistic form of expression. These companies often have large unused spaces that are visible from the outside to a large number of people: along roads, motorways and railway lines. It is a form of active artistic patronage that can be included in the social element of our Company CSR policy."

Ivan Steyert, CEO of the Socomec Group


Following the call for submissions launched by Socomec, a jury tasked with drawing up a short list of proposed works was set up, including two regional advisors, namely:

• Laurent Reynes, sculptor, architect and professor at
  the Strasbourg School of Architecture

• Chloé Kessler, architect, founder of the Strasbourg
  association Spray Club and organiser of
  "Le MUR Strasbourg" event


A long history of collaboration with regional artists



Concert with Percussions de Strasbourg in the factory workshops


Concert with the Alsace Regional Jazz Orchestra (ORJA) conducted by Bernard Struber and with the singer Lavelle


Purchase of an original work by Tomi Ungerer for the company's 70th anniversary


Concert by the Ballets du Rhin and exhibition of paintings in association with the DRAC* and the FRAC*


Theatre play at the Maillon Arts Centre accompanied by a photo competition in association with the DRAC*


Commission of a sculpture by Pierre Gaucher that is now exhibited in front of the company restaurant


Concert with the Ensemble Vocal de Strasbourg conducted by Christian Uhlmann


Concert with double bass player Joe Krenker with the participation of Fawzy al Aiedy, Philippe Leclerc and Ivan Favier

2000 - 2011

Exhibition of works from the FRAC* at company HQ


Concert with the “MozART Group” (a comedy string quartet) in the company's logistics centre

2013 - 2015

Partnership with Strasbourg city's “Artothèque” to exhibit works in our HQ reception areas


Street art competition on the theme: “Energy for a cleaner world”

* DRAC : Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs
* FRAC : Regional Contemporary Arts Foundation