Street art at Socomec


Art has had its rightful place at Socomec for a long time: concerts, exhibitions, creative events, … and there have been many artistic partnerships that have been associated with the company’s major events in its history, and that are a demonstration of our openness to creativity in the widest sense. Today, in support of the Socomec Group’s continuing growth, a new artistic venture is taking shape around Street art...

"Part of our policy for openness"


" Companies have a role to play in promoting this highly contemporary and youth-driven artistic form of expression. These companies often have large unused spaces that are visible from the outside to a large number of people: along roads, motorways and railway lines. It is a form of active artistic patronage that can be included in the social element of our Company CSR policy."

Ivan Steyert, CEO of the Socomec Group







2020, a year full of colors


Frescoes and artist performances, personalized electrical cabinet or street art festival with local and international artists, Colors Urban Art powered by Socomec has been productive in 2020. Watch out our retrospective video!




Our collaborations


buckwild_2020.jpg difuz_2020.jpg goddog_2020.jpg gorgone_2020.jpg jober_2020.jpg


musa_2020.jpg outsider_2020.jpg rensone_2020.jpg taroe_2020.jpg alexone.jpg


astro.jpg captaine-bowie.jpg dan23.jpg debza.jpg dxtr.jpg


jaek-el-diablo.jpg jean-michel-ouvry.jpg jek.jpg joe-paoli.jpg jupe.jpg


le-roi-des-ballons.jpg lizon.jpg missy.jpg salamech.jpg shane.jpg


stom500.jpg tim-marsh.jpg williann.jpg wise.jpg





It happened in 2019

We're moving up a gear in 2019!




Urban Art Colors powered by Socomec

We are an active supporter of the "Urban Art Colors powered by Socomec" association and as such we will be sponsoring many events in 2019!

The 1st street art festival of Strasbourg "Colors powered by Socomec" will take place from the 6th of September to the 29th of September.

> Learn more about Colors Urban Art powered by Socomec




A must in Strasbourg

The artist ASTRO has created a giant mural on the student accommodation tower block known as "Les Flamboyants" in partnership with Strasbourg’s regional student welfare office (the CROUS) and the "Urban Art Colors powered by Socomec" association. This is a first for the capital of Alsace!



Transforming everyday life



As part of the fringe events for the NL Contest, the international festival of urban cultures, many artists took part in the Flammekueche ìsch Bombisch exhibition organised by the "Urban Art Colors powered by Socomec" association! A great way to link the culinary tradition of Alsace with new graphic styles.


New feeder pillars add colour to the city

dan-23.jpg   en4ki.jpg   jak.jpg   maxime-ivanez.jpg


You should never change a winning team! As part of the NL Contest, about twenty urban feeder pillars have once again received the street art touch in Strasbourg this year.

Follow this link to check them out !

> Strasbourg Street Art map


A look back at a great festival

With more than 37,500 visitors in 2019 compared to 25,000 in 2018, the NL Contest has become an essential festival for urban cultures. Watch a video review of this exciting event for which we are once again sponsoring partners this year.


It happened in 2018

Partner of the Strasbourg “NL Contest”



Socomec joined forces with the NL Contest, the Strasbourg International Festival of Urban Cultures and became a main partner of COLORS, the Festival’s fringe event dedicated to Street art. 25 feeder pillars around Strasbourg were entrusted to the same number of artists to use as their “canvas” on which to realise their artistic expression. An original way to add a dash of colour to the city for the delectation of passers-by…


Got 2 minutes to view the works made for the COLORS event?  Let’s go!


Missy_pont_St_Thomas.jpg Mlle_Terite_place_du_Chateau.jpg Tim_Marsh_Bd_P_Pfimlin.jpg Jaek_rue_des_Veaux-paysage.jpg stom_500-paysage.jpg
Missy Mlle Terite Tim Marsh Jaek El Diablo Stom500
20180523090428-69c77484-me-1.jpg DdTe4NWW4AYyRoy.jpg Monsta_quai_St_Etienne.jpg DdTe3UyX0AAzj3O.jpg Wise_quai_Finkmatt.jpg
AL Francs Colleurs Monsta Salameche Wise


Partner of the first regional Street art website


As part of its regional cultural initiatives, Socomec is contributing to the setting up of an interactive and collaborative Street art map that allows users to discover the various works of Street art in the city of Strasbourg:


A Green Week with a great buzz

Green Week is an annual in-house event at Socomec that demonstrates the company’s commitment to Sustainable Development.

For the 2018 edition, Street artist STOM500 reinterpreted the presence of the beehives located on the Huttenheim site. The honey produced is shared with employees and visitors.


Ivan_Olivier_Stom_v2.jpg  groupe_vernissage_Stomm500v2.jpg


It happened in 2017

"95 years of Shared Energy" according to PISCO


image_fresque-95ans.jpgmakingof notype


95 Years of “Shared Energy" to Pisco Logik


Carte blanche to NO TYPE and OMNS


As a way to commemorate Socomec's 95th anniversary, we commissioned a well-known Alsace-based street artist called PISCO LOGIK. The artist worked for a month on the wall along the main car park of the Factory 1 site. Over a distance of nearly 70 metres, he has illustrated the highlights of Socomec's history since its creation via a colourful fresco. The project was a great team effort led by Nicolas Bertani and Leo Crosia.

Such a setting surely deserved more attention... The Strasbourg urban dance company No Type took inspiration from it to create an original choreography. You be the judge…


Socomec at the School of Street art

Fourteen 4th year undergraduate students from the Strasbourg National School of Architecture (ENSAS) participated in a street art workshop at Socomec as part of their Intensive Art Week 2017 course. The residence was supervised by Chloé Kessler, President of the Spray Club association and initiator of MUR Strasbourg, a venue well-known among graffiti artists. The students appropriated one of the walls of the company's leisure centre to create a work based on the theme of "Shared Energy".


banner-ensas.jpgvideo-ensas ensas1ensas2ensas3


Vidéo de l'oeuvre de street art des étudiants de l'ENSAS

X socomec-kazy
X socomec-kazy
X socomec-kazy


It happened in 2016


socomec-kazy.jpgTimelapse ItwKazyVisuel


The creation of the work in time lapse


Interview with Kazyusclef

X socomec-kazy


Following a call for submissions, the first artist to exercise their talents on the company's walls is one who goes under the name of KAZYUSCLEF, or 'Kazy', to his friends. Kazy is a graduate of the "L'Ecole Supérieure de l'Image" in Nantes, and works with the "100 pression" urban collective. For the last 15 years around the world he has been developing an experimental and singular contemporary universe which is enriched by references to modernist masters such as Braque, Chagall and Rivera...


“Energy for a cleaner world” according to Kazy

photo-kazy.jpgTo reflect the ambition of Socomec to support tomorrow’s new forms of energy distribution, Kazy proposes the allegory of the flying man, one of mankind’s oldest dreams. This combines the image of a bird with that of the human body in a movement that evokes the ‘S’ of Socomec. His men-birds, representing the idea of a collective that is dear to the company, seek a clean, natural and almost eternal energy as we might find in the stars. The powerful midnight blue background representing dreams and the unknown are combined with shades of red that evoke warmth and energy and offer an enthralling contrast. The more astute observers among us will detect the reference to the man-bird of Hans Arp, the famous surrealist artist from Strasbourg who also decorated the Aubette building in the Alsatian capital.

> Find more about Kazy








Concert with Percussions de Strasbourg in the factory workshops


Concert with the Alsace Regional Jazz Orchestra (ORJA) conducted by Bernard Struber and with the singer Lavelle


Order of an original work by Tomi Ungerer for the company's 70th anniversary


Concert by the Ballets du Rhin and exhibition of paintings in association with the DRAC* and the FRAC*


Theatre play at the Maillon Arts Centre accompanied by a photo competition in association with the DRAC*


Commission of a sculpture by Pierre Gaucher that is now exhibited in front of the company restaurant


Concert with the Ensemble Vocal de Strasbourg conducted by Christian Uhlmann


Concert with double bass player Joe Krenker with the participation of Fawzy al Aiedy, Philippe Leclerc and Ivan Favier

2000 - 2011

Exhibition of works from the FRAC* at company HQ


Concert with the “MozART Group” (a comedy string quartet) in the company's logistics centre

2013 - 2015

Partnership with Strasbourg city's “Artothèque” to exhibit works in our HQ reception areas


Street art competition on the theme: “Energy for a cleaner world”


Student artists in residence from the Strasbourg National School of Architecture (ENSAS) on the theme of "Shared Energy".


95 Years of “Shared Energy" illustrated by street artist PISCO on one of our company's walls.


Main partner of  the NL Contest COLORS project (Strasbourg, France).


Street artist STOM500’s artistic contribution to the 3rd Green Week event at our Huttenheim site in Alsace.

* DRAC : Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs
* FRAC : Regional Contemporary Arts Foundation


Photo credit for the banner : Bartosch Salmanski – NL Contest