Smart Grid

For a network that's flexible and secure

Distributing renewable energy production closer to consumers is a major challenge for grid managers. The Smart Grid is the right response to guarantee electricity supply at a reasonable cost to society.


picto_stockage-energie.pngYour grid makes it easy to integrate renewable energy
• It stores the surplus production and ensures consumption peak shaving.
• You manage production intermittence.
• Guarantees frequency and voltage stability.
Your grid guarantees local flexibility
• It ensures a supply/demand balance across the district.
• You control the demand for energy.
• Its architecture is future-proof.
Costs are controlled
• You optimise investments in distributed generation.
• You limit the power that goes in and out.
• You reduce the costs of primary and secondary energy reserves.
picto_maitrise-conso.pngAssured continuity of service
• Electrical supply is secured.
• You monitor the grid settings in real-time.
• District islanding is guaranteed, without any interruption in the event of a grid failure.