Smart Building

Control your consumption and your budget

Buildings represent 40% of the European Union's end energy consumption. 
The Smart Building is the main route through which you can achieve the objectives of the climate/energy package and reduce your energy bills.


picto_optim-profil-energetique.pngOptimise your energy budget 
• You control the input and output of power on the grid.
• Complete control over your costs.
• Your estate goes up in value.
picto_production-energie.pngYour building produces energy
• It produces green energy.
• You maximise your own consumption.
• Your energy bills are reduced.
picto_maitrise-conso.pngConsumption is controlled
• The building accurately measures its consumption.
• You analyse the collected data.
• You maximise your energy output.
picto_stockage-energie.pngYour building stores energy
• It manages fluctuations of production
• It allows for peak shaving during consumption and production.
• It encourages load shedding.