Reliable and versatile power protection
Single/single and three/single phase UPS from 1 to 10 kVA

The solution for

• Professional workstations
• Server and corporate networks
• Control room
• Industrial automation
• Security systems
• Telecom systems


Robust and easy to install

• Compact tower UPS system saves space in the operating environment.
• Quick and simple installation: no configuration necessary on first startup.
• Easy connections via IEC 320 sockets or terminals.
• Wide input voltage tolerance limits the switchovers to battery mode prolonging the battery life.
• Wide operating ambient temperature up to 45°C.
• Single and three-phase input with automatic configuration (8-10 kVA).

High protection and availability

• True online double conversion technology (VFI) assures high availability and total load protection.
• Compatible with different applications, operating environments and generator sets.
• Automatic bypass supplies the loads in the event of overloads or faults.
• Manual bypass for periodic or emergency maintenance.
• Standard Over Voltage Control Device (OVCD) protects the UPS and the load from dangerous mains peak-voltages.

Certified product

• Safety compliance certified by TÜV.
• Performance tested and verified by third independent laboratory.

Wide battery configurability

• Modular battery extension flexibility enables limitless autonomy configuration.
• Hot-swap modular battery extension increases back-up times even after installation according to the load criticality to be supplied.
• Modular battery extension enables lModels with integrated powerful battery charger:
- ensure constant and reliable operation using external high capacity batteries.
- provide power supply continuity during long outages.
- assure a fast recharging.