Solutions for signalling

For signal boxes, track beacons, lights, signalling substations and safety systems.

The LV power supply and quality of energy are assured by UPS equipment (with or without transformer), associated distribution cabinets, DC rectifiers and energy converters.


Our switching, protection and source transfer solutions are available in enclosures or can be integrated in power supply cabinets on main lines (such as ARAL, ARMATAN and ALIZET on the French network), or in switching enclosures. Our solutions have also been approved for use in the London Underground.
The automatic source transfer switch with integrated bypass is used for track signalling (e.g. normal / emergency / rescue).
Depending on the type of installation, insulation monitoring devices (IMD) will also be necessary.


To monitor LV equipment in real time and to send alerts, energy measurement and monitoring systems are installed, together with communication gateways, data loggers and embedded web server.