Remote commissioning



for MASTERYS UPS from 10 to 40 kVA


The remote commissioning service guarantees that UPS starts up on time.

The remote commissioning is a service dedicated to installers and system integrators and guarantees that UPS starts up on time.

From now on, this service allow you to benefit an easier scheduling, a operational efficiency and a better time optimisation for you and your customers.

Using an exclusive technology, remote commissioning allows expert Socomec engineers to remotely access your UPS and perform all commissioning tasks with the same level of quality, security and reliability as if they were with you in person.



The advantages of Remote commissioning


Maximum speed and flexibility

  • Quick commissioning using your mobile phone
  • Eliminate red-tape and bureaucracy
  • No more site access restrictions
  • Intervention scheduling becomes easier to manage

Secure and reliable commissioning

  • Highest standard protocols
  • UPS remote access via OTP code
  • On-demand encrypted temporary connection
  • Cyber security audit by certified independent organization

Access to the best experts

  • Remote connection to the product by certified Socomec experts
  • Simple and fully-assisted procedure

Reduced costs and carbon impact

  • Time saving
  • More cost-effective and eco-friendly than on-site intervention


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