Paradise, a smart network for the local community

The brainchild of CEA INÉS*, the Paradise project** rethinks the evolution of an electrical grid with a fully distributed approach: it gives us the option of managing the intelligence of the grid at municipal and intermunicipal level with the notion of electricity clusters.


The smart grid takes into account those buildings which sometimes feed in power, sometimes extract it.

The challenges of the project

  • Define a new grid architecture to support the massive integration of distributed renewable energy and electric vehicles.
  • Model the production, storage and control of an electrical grid across the community: the electricity cluster.
  • Propose technical solutions to achieve clusters using the potential of electronic power and information technology.
This approach allows us to cope better with the new challenges :
• More and more buildings are either producers or consumers of energy;
• The electrical grid must take into account mobile energy consumers, such as electric vehicles.

Socomec solutions are at the heart of the electricity cluster concept. This innovation offers storage converters that incorporate the cluster control elements and have defined rules of conduct to ensure the stability and interoperability of the clusters.


* National Institute of Solar Energy.
** Photovoltaics grid integration with distributed storage.

Paradise** in figures

  • Budget of €7.5 M
  • Consortium of 7 partners
  • Project duration: 4 years
  • Deliverables:
    - Converter control strategy
    - SOREA grid technical/economic assessment
  • Location: Rhône-Alpes