Nice Grid

Nice Grid, storage for integrating renewable energy and islanding, a proven reality

logo_396_01_gb.pngThe city of Nice on the Côte d'Azur has put energy control at the heart of its regional planning policies. In Carros, the NICE GRID project provides various stakeholders with the means to massively integrate renewable energy and ensure optimal energy management.


Easy to use, this 33-kW storage container is installed on the low-voltage network.

The challenges of the project

  • Maximise photovoltaic production to the local grid using all the roof surfaces available.
  • Minimise investments in infrastructure.
  • Ensure a continuity of service, even if the main grid fails.
Socomec’s smart energy storage management solutions are key to the innovative system implemented in the NICE GRID project. During the day, the surplus photovoltaic production is stored in batteries. The available energy allows you to increase the flexibility of the grid and overcome any interruptions in supply.

Across the district, the Socomec storage converter allows islanding or the creation of a Microgrid.

Nice Grid: some figures

  • Budget: €30 M
  • Project duration: 4 years
  • 2,500 smart electricity meters
  • 2.5 MWc of PV power
  • 2 MW storage capacity
  • Load management capacity: 3 MW
  • Location: Carros – Nice, France


Nice Grid: commissioning of 33 kW energy storage container


Nice Grid: commissioning of the energy storage in the MV/LV substation