Solution for seismic environments
Three/three phase UPS from 160 to 500 kVA/KW

The solution for

• Data centres
• Telecommunications
• Service sector
• IT Networks/ Infrastructures
• Industrial infrastructures

Solution for seismic environments.

The test

• DELPHYS GP-S units have been tested by VIRLAB S.A. (accredited by ENAC Spanish National Accreditation entity, ENAC certificate number 54/LE131) in compliance with the standard test procedure for the seismic qualification of electrical cabinets required by the "Uniform Building Code UBC-1997".
• The UPS have been submitted to resonance search tests on the three main axes: longitudinal, transverse and vertical.
• The seismic tests have been performed according to UBC-1997 covering zone 2A, 3 and 4. As required by the norms, the UPS have been submitted 5 times at 50% of full level in zone 2A and at full level in Zones 2A, 3 and 4.

The result

• The DELPHYS GP-S units have successfully passed seismic tests performed at levels covering Zones 2A, 3 and 4 and experienced no malfunction either during or after the test.