Types 1 and 2 for installations with lightning conductor and for sensitive receivers

The SURGYS G40-FE surge arrester is designed to ensure the protection of your low voltage distribution installations and your electrical equipment. It acts against industrial operation surges and surges owing to lightning.
This type of surge arrester is particularly recommended where there is a risk of direct impact of lightning strikes, especially at the main switchboard level when electronic devices sensitive to surges are installed.
NEW: Versions 4 P compatible with IT and TT arrangements..


Recommended where there is a risk of direct impact from lightning strikes

With its max. impulse current Iimp (10/350 μs surge) of 15 kA, it is recommended for use at the top of the installation.

Varistor / gas spark gap technology

This solution guarantees an optimised level of protection (low voltage Up=1.5 kV) and improved coordination between type 1 & type 2.

End of service life indicator

Indicates internal components' end-of-life.

Remote signalling

With the remote signalling contact (plug-in) you can upload the alert to a supervisory device.

Thermal disconnector

The surge arrester's internal disconnection
device safeguards the system at the SPD's

  • Technical Data

    General characteristics

    • Surge arrester- Types 1 and 2.
    • Designed to withstand discharge currents linked to direct lightning strikes.
    • Protection level Up improved at 1.5 kV.
    • Guaranteed protection in common mode.
    • End of service life indicator.
    • Remote signalling contact.
    • Absence of follow current.
    • Recommended fuse combination switch FUSERBLOC

  • Applications