Seamless power transfer for reliable architectures
from 16 to 20 A single-phase


Permanent back-up for mission-critical, IT and telecommunications equipment within the internet server field


Dual power supply for redundancy

Based on a double power supply system, the IT SWITCH monitors voltage quality and automatically transfers the load from the priority source to a back-up source without any interruption.

Continuity of service for critical applications

• Located as close as possible to the application, the IT SWITCH allows a highly accessible architecture.

• It protects against:
- main power source outage,
- spurious tripping of upstream protection,
- the result of mutual interference caused by faults in the applications (e.g.: short-circuit) being supplied from the same source.

Standard transfer features

• Preferred source selection
• Automatic transfer
• Manual transfer
• Changeover without source overlap
• Synchronized and non-synchronized source management (fully adaptable modes).
• Transfer lock on downstream fault
• Configurable synchronisation tolerance
• Lock on repetitive transfers automatic restart setting
• Automatic restart configurability

Standard mechanical features

• 19" rack

Standard communication features

• Command and control mimic panel
• Dry-contact interface
• MODBUS RTU (only RS485 serial port)


• "Hot swap" pull out module (model HA-E)
• Maintenance Bypass (model HA-E).