Online service to manage your energy performance

The N’VIEW online service offers easy and intuitive analysis of energy consumption regardless of the business sector (industry, building, infrastructure…).
Compatible with the main market communication gateways including Socomec devices (DIRIS G, DIRIS Digiware D-70 and DATALOG H80 / 81), N’VIEW platform ensures
that multi-utility data is collected.
From the identification of potential energy savings to long-term performance tracking and investment validation, N’VIEW offers a complete package of services for efficient energy management.
To meet specific requirements, the N’VIEW platform can also interface with other energy management applications (Energy Apps) which are already available or can be created on demand.


Easy to use

Cloud-based hosting on a scalable and secure platform ensures the project is easily implemented, and offers great flexibility with an N'VIEW subscription.
Eliminates technical infrastructure problems, leaving the customer free to focus on management of energy performance.

Multi-user access

The N'VIEW service appeals to stakeholders directly involved in energy performance, such as Energy Managers and technical users. It also provides services to help the
management team define the energy strategy, and to help management controllers optimise and allocate energy spending.

Various functions

The N’VIEW service provides a wide range of functions for the monitoring of measurements, the analysis of energy consumption levels and the management of costs.
All these features are part of a continuous improvement plan for energy performance, as defined in standard ISO 50001.