LoRaWAN® Power Monitoring Device DIRIS B-10L


LoRaWAN® Power Monitoring Device

The DIRIS B-10L is a modular power monitoring device embedding a LoRaWAN® wireless communication. Its four independent RJ12 current inputs make it possible to manage several types of loads: e.g. 4 single-phase loads or one 3-phase load + 1 single-phase load. The DIRIS B-10L is associated with current sensors (RJ12 connection), suitable for any type of installation: TE solid core, TR / iTR split core and TF flexible current sensors.


Plug & Play

The connection is simple thanks to the RJ12 rapid connector which limits the risk of wiring errors. Addressing and automatic configuration of the product (type of load, type and size of current sensor) make it possible to simplify the implementation and to save time.


• In accordance with standard IEC 61557-12.
• Class 0.2 for just the DIRIS B-10L alone.
• Class 0.5 for the global measuring chain (DIRIS B-10L + TE/iTR/TF current sensors) from 2 to 120% of rated current In.

Wireless communication

LoRaWAN® communication permits the transmission and use of data from remote isolated measuring points that do not have wired communication.

Long range

The choice of use over both private or operated LoRaWAN® networks makes it possible to cover single-site or multi-site applications, reducing the range limitations.

Secure communication

Communication between B-10L and the LoRaWAN gateways feature end-to-end encryption that ensures confidentiality and integrity of measurement data.


  • Standard and option features

    • ± kWh, ± kvarh, kVAh
    • Multi-tariff

    • U12, U23, U31, V1, V2, V3, f
    • U system, V system
    • I1, I2, I3, In, ΣP, ΣQ, ΣS, PF
    • P, Q, S, PF per phase
    • Predictive power
    • Phi, cos Phi, tan Phi
    • Temperatures

    Analysis of quality
    • THDv1, THDv2, THDv3, THDu12, THDu23, THDu31
    • THDi1, THDi2, THDi3, THDin
    • Voltage imbalances Ph/N and Ph/Ph
    • Current imbalance (Inba, Idir, Iinv, Ihom, Inb)

    • Systems (CT disconnected, VI association, bad CT primary)
    • Protection (VirtualMonitor)
    • Logical (digital inputs)
    • Measurement