Multi-utility pulse concentrator

The COUNTIS ECix is a multi-utility pulse concentrator which communicates via an RS485 link using MODBUS protocol.
It enables pulses from water, gas, compressed air, electricity meters and, for the COUNTIS ECi3, the output of analogue sensors (light, temperature, wind etc.) to be registered and stored. All data, ie. total and partial meters and load curves (available for all logical and analogue inputs) can be centralised via RS485 communication using MODBUS protocol.


Up to 7 multi-utility meters and 2 analogue sensors

• 7 digital inputs + 2 analogue inputs.
• Total, partial and programmable metering (day, week, month, year).

Load curves

Load curves are available for each of the 7 logical inputs. A history of average values are available for the 2 analogue inputs (ECi3).

RS485 MODBUS communication

• Centralisation and transmission of pulse and analogue data to a supervision station.
• Remote configuration of COUNTIS ECi device.

Improved customisation

• Selection of the measuring unit: kWh, m3, liters.
• Selection of the currency unit: €, K€, £, $.
Values can be displayed in the unit of your choice and energy costs can be directlycalculated.