Normal atmospheres steel enclosures

from 50 to 1600 A

Safety enclosures equipped with SOCOMEC switches provide emergency breaking, breaking for mechanical maintenance and safety isolation in the vicinity of any low voltage final circuit.


Operator safety

• Protects operators against accidental startup of machines.
• Ease of operation without risk of error for unqualified operators.
• Maximum security for all types of simple mechanical and electrical maintenance operations.

Quick and easy implementation

The space available within the enclosure and the dimension of the closing plates facilitate connection.


The product is designed for harsh industrial environments with mechanical risks or nonexplosive dust risks.

Operating continuity

• Local disconnection: only the targeted machine is switched off, the rest of the installation can continue operating.
• Reduced costs related to production downtime.

Inductive load breaking (AC23)

Safety enclosures are designed for use with inductive loads and are able to make and break on load (AC23).