Explosive Atmosphere (ATEX)

ATEX enclosures from 50 to 630 A

SOCOMEC ATEX enclosures incorporate three or four pole manually operated SIDER (ND) load break switches which make and break on load, providing emergency breaking and maintenance isolation for any low voltage electrical circuit which is in an area where there is a risk of explosion due to dust.


Safety of operations

• Visible contacts and positive break indication through the operating handle and a factory fitted mechanical flag indicator, provide guaranteed position indication of the contacts.
• Double locked door when switch is in the ON position.
• Triple locking of the handle in the OFF position.

Inductive load breaking (AC23)

ATEX enclosures are designed for use with inductive loads and are able to make and break on load (AC23).

Robust design

Product has been specifically designed for industrial environments with the risk of explosion due to dust (galvanised steel, thickness 2 mm, triplex glass, S-type handle metal padlocking lever…).

Protection degree IP65

Protection degree of ATEX enclosures is IP65.

  • Technical Data

    Breaking device:
    • All safety enclosures are equipped with load break switches that provide visible, reliable indication of the contacts open position.
    • SIDER for 50 A, 80 A and 630 A ratings
    • SIDER ND 80 A (6 P) to 400 A ratings
    • They make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation for any low voltage circuit. They are factory fitted with a mechanical flag indicator (SIDER) which provides guaranteed position indication of the contacts.
    • Enclosures are made of a 2 mm thick galvanised steel. They are welded and deburred.
    • The anti-corrosion protection is achieved using an epoxy polyester powder which polymerises in the oven at 180°. Paint coating is 60 μm minimum and colour is metallic gray.
    • The chrome-plated zamak door is assembled on an invisible hinge and is locked using an 8 mm square key.
    • Wall mounting is achieved using 4 fixing lugs (factory mounted).
    Visible breaking:
    • The contacts are visible through a triplex window, located on the enclosure door. This enables the operator to confirm the position of the contacts either during a preventative check or before an operation.
    Double locking:
    • This function is achieved through a simple and robust mechanism using an extension shaft. Activation with the door open remains possible by authorised personnel.
    Operation handle:
    • ATEX enclosures are provided with a red S type operation handle. It is made of an insulating material and includes a metal padlocking lever. The handle can be locked in the OFF position using three padlocks.
    • Steel safety enclosures are available with bottom cable entry and exit.
    • Enclosures are fitted with a top roof and bottom closing plate.
    • Connection is achieved by running cables to the top terminal for 50 A and 80 A ratings. For higher ratings, a copper bottom-bottom busbar enables easy connection of incoming cables.
    • Two earthing bars for connection are available in the enclosure.
    • Live part protection screen.