Low voltage panels for public distribution networks

TRS, or reduced size panels, are installed bottom of transformers in MV/LV public distribution substations. At the level of the LV network's incomers, they provide general on load breaking or making on 4 or 8 feeders protected by fuse disconnect switches.


Guaranteed safety

The design of the panel ensures secure isolation and high dielectric withstand. Safety is further enhanced by an automatic earthing of the neutral when the load break switch is opened. Through the use of SIDER load break switches, the TRS panel offers technical characteristics that go beyond certain requirements, such as the short-circuit withstand current and power supply capacity. A horizontal protective screen above the monoblock provides protection of exposed live parts.

Proven reliability

In addition to their certification of origin, thousands of panels currently in service have shown their reliable operation in low voltage networks.

Easy installation and operation

The compact panel is easily installed via its removable mounting brackets and easy connection of cables top of the switch. Operating continuity is optimised by the possibility of installing fuses and fuse feeders while the panel is active.

Extensive range

In addition to the panels, a wide range of accessories enhance its operation in full safety: 400 A feeder unit, fuse holder protector, reserve panel, locking and test panel, and insulated operating key.