Mobile energy storage SUNSYS Mobile


Mobile Energy Storage System Zero-emission
200 kVA / 330 kWh

SUNSYS Mobile is an energy storage system ultra-mobile provided with lithium-ion batteries 200 kVA / 330 kWh. It was designed to be a responsible alternative or addition to the use of diesel generators.


• Electric Vehicles
• Events
• Construction
• Off-grid Camps
• Emergency Deployment
• Commercial & Industrial


The first ultra-mobile power supply system that respects its environment

• Zero-emission system that works either autonomously or in combination with a photovoltaic installation.
• Reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 60 % when the system is coupled with a genset.
• Silent solution: less than 60 dB at 1 metre. Decentralises electrical distribution by installing the system as close as possible to electrical loads.

A robust, all-terrain system developed for the most extreme environments

• SilentBlock-mounted elements to withstand all shocks and vibrations: resistant up to 8G for 8 ms in all directions.
• Industrial air conditioning to withstand extreme temperatures: up to +50 °C.
• Temperature, shock and vibration sensors to monitor these critical parameters.
• Mobility-enabled batteries that meet the safety standards of the automotive industry.

A versatile system designed to adapt quickly to any situation

• Plug-and-Play: set up in less than 30 minutes thanks to Powerlock connectors.
• Automation developed for the common use cases, on or off-grid: Peak shaving and back-up functions, fully autonomous, can be linked to PVs or genset.
• Compatible with all types of EMS.
• Develop/adapt automated functions to your specific needs.

Treat yourself to something better

• Made in Europe and UE certified.
• The guarantee of a reliable and continuous power supply: redundancy of critical elements.
• Opens up new possibilities to boost your return on investment:
- The system can be used to provide network services (e.g. set the frequency / voltage).
- Attach banner ads to communicate at your events, customise the outside of the container to suit your needs.


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