Modular fuse holder for 10 x 85 and 10/14 x 85 gPV 1500 VDC fuses

RM PV are fuse holders designed for 10 x 85 and 10/14 x 85 cylindrical gPV fuses. They provide safety disconnection and protection against overcurrents caused by the reverse current in DC electrical PV circuits up to 32 A, 1500 VDC. Specific design guarantees a safety isolation of live parts even when the fuse carrier is extracted for fuse replacement.


Improved safety

• Rated voltage of 1500 VDC.
• High temperature resistance selfextinguishing and halogen free thermoplastic materials.
• Live parts isolation.

Product dedicated to PV applications

• Protection against reverse currents by using gPV fuses dedicated to photovoltaic applications.
• Designed to be used with up to 32 A gPV fuses.

Features and options

• Optimised ventilation zones and spacings between the poles.
• Padlockable.
• Improved IP accessories.