Bluetooth environmental sensors

Bluetooth environmental sensors

for the Digiware system

B-TRH and B-MAG sensors communicate with DIRIS Digiware M gateways and DIRIS / ISOM Digiware D displays wirelessly via Bluetooth.
The B-TRH sensor allows you to integrate temperature and humidity data into your Digiware power monitoring system. This means that when it comes to improving your energy performance as per the ISO 50001 methodologie, it is now possible to correlate energy consumption with the evolution of external factors. The sensor can also be used to anticipate maintenance work, by issuing an alert in the event of the electrical cabinet overheating or in the case of a leak, for example.
The B-MAG sensor is capable of detecting a loss of magnetic contact and will alert you upon the door opening of an electrical panel or restricted technical room.



Effortless installation

• Integrated mounting accessory for easy installation.
• No additional wiring is required, the data is sent to the gateway or the display wirelessly via Bluetooth.
• Ultra-compact design that fits into the smallest of spaces.

Easy to configure

• Activation and configuration of Bluetooth sensors via the BLE Manager smartphone app.
• Automatic detection and pairing of sensors via the D-xx display or the M-xx gateway.

Maximum response

Sends real-time alerts when the measured temperature or humidity exceeds a predetermined threshold or when it detects a door opening.