Voltage transformers

Three phase voltage transformers outdoor and indoor version

SOCOMEC-TCT designs, manufactures and sells tailor –made or standard voltage transformers type 400 V/100 V or 220 V/400 V, class 0,5 for the equipment of industrial metering systems for
HVA delivery stations.
The voltage transformers are available in indoor and outdoor versions for the low voltage metering with a primary rated voltage of 230 V or 127 V and a secondary rated voltage of 57.7 V or 220 V.
Those transformers are mainly used by energy producers and energy transport companies.


Compact and robust design

The voltage transformers have a compact and robust design. It can be used inside and outside.

Metal fasteners

The indoor version of the voltage transformer has metal fixations with handgrip system to allow a quick and easy installation . The adjustable metal fixation fits all installations.

Outside version IP66

The outdoor version of the voltage transformer is integrated into a sealed box. It is designed to withstand a humidity rate of 95 %, thanks to the IP66 design. The boxes are delivered ready to install for a greater reactivity.