Current transformers

150/5 A measurement sensors of 0.2s accuracy class

This high-accuracy, HV current transformer is used in the low-voltage, metering cabinets (36 to 100 kVA).
SOCOMEC current transformers deliver a standard current to the secondary that is proportional to the primary current and adapted to the rating of the associated energy meter.


High measuring accuracy

The very high 0.2s accuracy class guarantees maximum metering, even with low loads. A 0.2s accuracy class means that the measurement has an error rate of 0.2% over a range of 20 to 120% of the nominal rating (In) and at a specific accuracy above 1% of In (IEC 61869-2).

Safe to install

This transformer is integrated on a plate designed especially for this application. A foolproof coding device prohibits any directional error from the primary conductor.

Secure, fast wiring

Quick wiring with Fast-on lugs. These lugs are locked with a permanent protective guard.