Current transformers

High accuracy measurement sensors from 100 to 2000 A

SOCOMEC current transformers deliver a standard current to the secondary that is proportional to the primary current and adapted to the rating of the associated energy meter.


High measuring accuracy

The very high 0.2s accuracy class guarantees maximum metering, even with low loads. An 0.2s accuracy class means that the measurement has an error rate of 0.2% over a range of 20 to 120% of the nominal current (In) and at a specific accuracy above 1% of In.

Wide dimensions choice

Three models to allow through any primary conductor, cables or bar.


Multi-rating transformers offer great flexibility on installation. You can adapt the CT to the subscribed power without changing equipment. They improve the continuity of the power supply by limiting network interruptions and outages.

Easy to install

3 types of fastenings for any type of mounting:
• On back-plate or section.
• On DIN rail.
• On busbars with isolated centring system.

Easy to connect and secure

• Connection of a secondary circuit by cage terminal for 6 mm² cables.
• Double connection to adapt to the cable input direction and to short-circuit the secondary after rating change.
• Sealing cover to prevent access to the rating settings.