Changeover switch SIRCO M

from 25 to 125 A

SIRCO M are manually operated 3 or 4 pole modular transfer switches with positive break indication. They provide on-load transfer between two sources for any low voltage power circuit, as well as safety isolation. Other applications include source inversion (e.g. to change the direction of a motor) or grounding/earthing.


Secured breaking

SIRCO M switches include contact point technology and double break per phase as standard, enabling safe, optimal operation of LV electrical circuits.

Modular device

Thanks to their modular format, SIRCO M changeover switches can be fixed to a DIN rail, a backplate or a modular panel.

On load switching

The SIRCO M switch comprises two mechanically interlocked load break switches which are tested in accordance to standard IEC 60947-3. Its AC23 characteristics enable it to perform on-load changeover switching.