BT 300

300 A protection panels for rural public distribution networks

BT 300 low voltage panels are installed bottom of the transformers in MV/LV rural public distribution substations.
At the level of the low voltage network's incomers, they ensure distribution on 1 or 2 feeders protected by fuse disconnect switches.


Improved safety

• The IP2X level of insulation of the panel ensures operator safety when close to the panel or performing maintenance operations.
• The top and bottom voltage sockets enable EST (electrical safety testing) to be done quickly and safely.
• Temperature rises are limited to 65°C as per the EDF specification. These values are stricter than those stipulated in the IEC standard (70°C).

Simple optimised operation

Special terminals enable the secure connection of an external power supply for emergency or maintenance purposes.

Design & robustness

With its sleek design and mimic display panel, the appearance of the BT 300 improves safety with an insulating support on a single post.

Manufacturer warranty

The panel complies with HN 64-S-57 specifications and is certified by ERDF. Our quality assurance procedures ensure reliability: individual tests for each panel, traceability, comprehensive sampling tests, etc.