Enclosed switches

Enclosed switches

Load break switches 20 to 1600 A

Enclosed load break switches ensure the on-load breaking and making of circuits and safely isolate all low-voltage electrical circuits by providing protection against contact with live parts and environmental elements, such as dust, water and other hazards. They enable the shutdown and isolation of the power supply as close to the equipment as possible.



Safe operation

  • Secures transfer for mechanical or electricalwork.
  • On-load breaking.
  • Ergonomic control lever, available in red/yellow or black.
  • Triple lock in OFF position.

Suitable for all kinds of environment

  • Insulating enclosure for chemical and food processing applications, indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Painted steel enclosure for areas at risk of mechanical impact.
  • Stainless enclosure for food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Easy setup

  • Cable access top and/or bottom.
  • Pre-drilled cable glands (up to 125 A).
  • Removable steel cable glands, top and bottom (> 125 A), aluminium coated (> 630 A).
  • Plenty of room for cabling.