Enclosed COMO range

Enclosed COMO

Load break switches from 20 to 125 A

COMO are load break switches that will make and break on load and provide isolation for any low voltage electrical circuit.
COMO are now available in enclosed version incorporating three, four, six and eight-pole manually operated load break switches.
The new enclosed COMO provide protection against contact with live parts as well as environmental factors such as dust, water and other hazards.


Compact design

• The enclosed COMO range offers compact enclosures tailored to your needs. The range starts with the 20 A enclosure with dimensions of only 64x74.5 mm (2.5x2.93 in).

IP 65

• The IP65 protection degree provides protection against dust and high pressure water jets for any industrial application. Available in IP67 for the enclosed COMO 20 A.

Safety of operations

• Triple locking of the handle in the OFF position to ensure maximum safety for operators during maintenance operations.

Wide range

• The range offers a wide variety of variants depending on the number of poles, rating and enclosure type.