inosys lbs


from 160 to 630 A, up to 1500 VDC incorporating tripping function

INOSYS LBS are multi-polar load break switches which are available with integrated tripping function. They can be operated manually using the handle or remotely (via tripping coils) to disconnect part or all of the electrical installation.
They make and break under load conditions, provide safety isolation for any low voltage circuits up to 1500 VDC and are suitable for emergency switching..


High-performance switching in a compact frame

INOSYS LBS switches integrate a patented technology that offers high switching capacity of 500 and 750 VDC per pole with optimum arc containment and significant power loss reduction - all within a compact device.

Safe & reliable operation

• Reliable position indication through visible contacts.
• ON, OFF and TRIP positions are stable: resistant to voltage fluctuations.
• The trip position provides complete disconnection and isolation.
• The opening and closing of the switch is fully independent from the speed of operation, ensuring safe operation under all conditions.
• High temperature withstand: no derating up to 55 °C (131° F).

Tripping function: flexible and robust

• Fully immune to external perturbation: no nuisance tripping.
• Shunt-trip or undervoltage release from 24 to 220 VDC and from 24 to 230 VAC.
• Wide operating temperature range: -25 to +70 °C (-15 to +160 °F).
• Fast disconnection (<50 ms) for rapid firefighter shutdown, compliant with installation standards.

Easy to install

• Mechanism can be centred or left aligned (in the factory) to accommodate installation requirements.
• Wiring: as the switch is non-polarised all types of wiring and connections are possible.
• Easy access without tools to integrate auxiliary contacts and tripping coil (both located within the switch footprint).

Modular solution for a flexible configuration

• Single or dual polarity switching
The same switch can be used for installation with either grounded or floating networks by choosing the wiring configuration.