Universal load break switches from 16 to 160 A

SIRCO M and MV are manually operated and modular multipolar load break switches.
They make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation for any low voltage circuit, particularly for machine control circuits.
Through the use of accessories,SIRCO M can be transformed into multipolar load break or 3/4 pole changeover switches. SIRCO M changeover switches provide on load changeover switching between two sources or two low voltage power circuits, as well as their safety isolation.


Total integration

The SIRCO M and MV fully integrate isolation, breaking and switching functions. Within a single product, SIRCO M offers front, right side or left side operation. Their highly functional design enables SIRCO M to be easily transformed from a load break switch to a changeover switch, offering a highly innovative modular solution for numerous applications.

A wide range of accessories

A single standard 3 pole load break switch module, which can be complemented with a choice of accessories, offers a range of advantages:
•Simplicity when choosing the device.
• Flexibility to adapt to the most varied applications.
• Reduction in the cost of management and storage.


Its wide range of accessories means that the SIRCO M can be upgraded,even after it has been commissioned, enabling future requirements to be met.

Compliance with major certifications and approvals

The SIRCO M and MV range of load break switches have been designed, qualified and tested according to the criteria defined by standards IEC 60947-3, UL508 and UL98. This process guarantees a high quality level for the product which is fully adapted to arduous operating environments.