Insulation monitoring device for power networks or control/command circuits

The ISOM K-40 insulation monitoring device monitors the insulation level of medium-interference power networks in IT neutral arrangment. It is also designed for monitoring control-command networks.


Alarm log

The device records and timestamps current or completed alarms and events.

Quick Access button

The device has a dedicated button to quickly and easily navigate between the main operating screens.

AC current measurement

The device has a sensor input to monitor the single-phase current.

Temperature monitoring

The device has a temperature monitoring function (emits an alert if the preset threshold is exceeded).

Deactivation function

You can configure the temperature input when the IMD is in exclusion mode, to manage network couplings.

Modbus® communication

The device has an RS485 connection with Modbus protocol (speed up to 115,200 bauds).

Recess-mounted box

Because of the design of housing, you can recess-mount the device or modularly integrate it on a DIN rail.