ISOM Digiware L-60

Control module for insulation and fault location for power networks or control/command circuits

ISOM Digiware L-60 units combine the functions of the insulation monitoring device (IMD) and the location signal booster.
It monitors the level of isolation of power networks in IT neutral arrangements. Options include a version for healthcare facilities and a tropicalised version for harsh environments.


Built-in injector

Having a locating booster means you can quickly and easily integrate a fixed or portable fault locating system, if necessary.

OhmScanner technology

Our OhmScanner technology allows you to track the system’s general degree of insulation, while regularly measuring the insulation of each circuit in detail.

Plug & Play

Used together with Digiware voltage and current modules, this gives you a full measurement and insulation monitoring system.

Configurable inputs/outputs

With configurable inputs/outputs you can relay alarm states or use with automation systems, as well as ensure remote monitoring (e.g. disabling in case of network coupling).

Compatible with the ISOM FP-60 portable system

Use the ISOM FP-60 portable system together with the ISOM Digiware L-60 for fault location:
• On circuits not equipped with a fixed locating system.
• Next to the load.

Fine-tuned insulation

Resistive and capacitive breakdown for each circuit.