ISOM Digiware F-60

Fault-locating module for power distribution and medical facilities

With ISOM Digiware F-60, you can measure both the insulation and load current (up to 6 inputs).
ISOM Digiware F-60 locates highly resistive or transient faults.
It detects the locating signal generated by the ISOM Digiware L-60 IMD through ΔIP locating core balance transformers linked to ISOM T-15 adapters.
TE, TR and TF core balance transformers use a direct RJ12 connection. Use an ISOM T-15 adapter for the ΔIP locating core balance transformers (attached directly to the core balance transformer or on a DIN rail).
It comes in a heavy-duty version for extreme environments (ISOM Digiware F-60t).


Simultaneous scanning

Ensures fast and reliable detection of even transient faults, throughout the system.

OhmScanner solution

Our OhmScanner technology allows you to track the system’s general degree of insulation, while regularly measuring the insulation of each circuit in detail.

Fine-tuned insulation

Resistive and capacitive breakdown for each circuit.

2 in 1

You need just one module to monitor insulation and track load consumption. Coupled with a DIRIS Digiware U voltage module, it provides the I, U, E, P measurement of each monitored circuit. Adding a DIRIS Digiware I-3x module gives you additional features including quality monitoring, alert thresholds and measurement logs.

Boost synchronisation

Reinforced immunity to network disturbances.