ISOM Digiware D-55 / D-75

Control and power supply interfaces

ISOM Digiware D-55 and D-75 control displays allow the following:

  • A local visualisation of data from ISOM Digiware L-60 and F-60 modules, but also from the other modules connected to the Digiware bus or from COUNTIS E and DIRIS A over the RS485 bus,
  • Power supply of Digiware modules,
  • Access to this data over Ethernet.

Via an RS485 connection, the ISOM Digiware display also acts as a gateway, centralising all measurements issued by the measuring devices and communicating over Ethernet. Dedicated version for medical locations available.


High-resolution graphic screen

The screen displays various graphical objects such as bar graphs and insulation curves with measurement cursors.

Secure power supply

The 24 VDC power supply prevents hazardous voltages on cabinet doors.

Ergonomic and easy to use

With its 10 buttons on the front panel, you can quickly access the measurement information. The Quick-Access button lets you quickly and easily navigate between the main operating screens.
It also makes it must easier to select and configure equipment and circuits.

Centralising measurement circuits

- Selecting the circuit
- Visualisation of data

Email notifications

In the event of an alarm, the device can automatically send an email to inform the operator (e.g. if there is an insulation fault).

Embedded web server (D-75)

Accessed simply using the Web browser from a PC, this integrated function on the ISOM Digiware D-75 allows you to show the information from all connected devices (WEBVIEW-M function).