Electrical measurement devices

Measurement devices


They provide conversion of an AC electrical value (A, V, Hz, Cos phi, W, Var) into a DC signal, with standardised current or voltage. They are available in surface-mount casings (CS range). These devices are designed for DIN rail or back plate mounting. Type CS transducers are available in two sizes:
• 75 mm for current, voltage and frequency converters,
• 150 mm for power or three-phase converters.

Modular transducers

Available in:
• 3-DIN module housings (52.5 mm) for current, voltage and frequency converters,
• 6-DIN module housings (105 mm) for current (output 4-20 mA), voltage (output 4-20 mA) converters,
• 9-DIN module housings (157.5 mm) for power or three-phase converters.

Analogue meters

SOCOMEC ferromagnetic ammeters and voltmeters measure the AC current/voltage of any electrical circuit. SOCOMEC vibrating reed or needle type frequency meters have a converter either integrated or in a separate casing and measure the frequency of any electrical circuit. The wattmeters, varmeters and phase-meters consist of an analogue meter
and a separate converter. They are available in 3 types of casing: Rotex round barrel model in 72 or 96, in a DIN 48 to 144 body or a modular casing (3 modules). With pointer deflections of 90° and 240°, they can be flush-mounted into cubicles, enclosures or other equipment.

Selector switches

Voltmeter and ammeter switches that allow phase selection on a three-phase circuit for voltage and current measurement. They are available in three different casings:
• for screw mounting,
• with a central Ø 22 mm mounting,
• for DIN rail mounting.

Digital meters

They measure all types of electrical values (A, V, Hz, Cos phi, P, Q...). The range:
• 2 different types of casing: rectangular or square:
- 2 sizes of rectangular casing,
- 2 sizes of square casing.
• direct measurement or connection to a current or voltage transformer,
• 2000-point (3.5 digits) or 20000-point (4.5 digits) display,
• possibility of having 2 or 3 different types of measurement in the same square casing (AAA-VVV-AVF...),
• multi-indicator version,
• RMS-value.

Hour counters

Often combined with analogue meters in an electrical panel, hour counters count the total operating time of machines or electrical equipment.