Modular energy storage architecture for on-grid and off-grid applications
From 33 to 400 kVA / 92 to 730 kWh

SUNSYS STD is constructed of standard equipment: bi-directional converters, battery racks, AC & DC protection panels and with an unique Power Management System, able to operate independently or easily integrated to your EMS.



• Commercial and Industrial applications
• Hybrid microgrids applications


A ready-to-use complete offer

Custom with standard equipment

Equipment can be combined in a multitude of configurations, from 33 to 400kVA, and from 92 to 730kWh, suitable for most microgrids and C&I applications.

Shorter project lead time

Based on standard equipment and pre-tested configurations, the design and quotation, installation and commissioning process is much faster.

Tested, validated and documented

Each configuration is tested and documented, making electrical & mechanical installation fast and safe and easy to maintain.

On-site commissioning

SOCOMEC experts attend site to commission each installation and for any last minute trouble shooting.

Ensure safety, power quality and continuity of service from your electrical energy storage solution


A storage system is constructed of low voltage AC & DC equipment that deserves special attention:
• Full compliance with the LV protection plan to safeguard people
• Implementation of devices to guarantee the integrity of electrical equipment (surge arresters, fuses, load break switches, circuit breakers)
• Accurate power monitoring based on DIRIS Digiware multipoint monitoring system


Specific consideration for Lithium-ion batteries:
• Power converters with the lowest common mode noise on the market, preserving battery integrity
• Insulation monitoring on DC side
• Recording and monitoring of battery data


And for configurations delivered in fully integrated outdoor containers:
• Specific Battery compartment with external access
• Fire detection and extinguishing system
• Cooling system

Continuity of service

Power backup: Multiple islanding options after power interruption without the loss of supply


Modular and redundant hardware:
• Distributed and modular architecture for connection between converter and battery to ensure maximum operation
• Maximize storage converter efficiency and lifetime with Dynamic Power Control function
• Independent hot swappable power modules for maintenance operation without interruption

Power quality

P/Q regulation for:
• Ensuring the Demand / Response balance
• Managing reactive power

Voltage and frequency regulation to ensure the quality of the distributed energy compliant with EN 15060 standard (OffGrid applications)
Permanent power monitoring and metering thanks to DIRIS Digiware
Source management with P (f) function for the regulation of renewable energy production, the control of diesel generators and the control of circuit breakers

Standards compliant

• Converter product & installation : IEC 62909-1
• Converter safety : EN 60950-1/A2; EN 62477-1
• Lithium cells and battery safety : IEC 62619
• EMC : EN 61000-3-11 : EN 61000-3-12 / EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-4
• Interconnection & interoperability : IEEE 1547
• Grid code : Contact us to discuss your specific Grid Code requirement

  • Standard and option features

  • Technical Data


    SUNSYS STD is a compact installation designed for integration into buildings or containers


    Configurations for building integration



    Configurations for container integration



    Select your integration mode

    sunsys-std-indoor-building-integration.jpgIndoor building integration

    Installation and cabling executed by the integrator in accordance with SOCOMEC guidelines:
    • Delivery of standard equipment
    • Full documentation including Installation guides, Electrical wiring diagrams, Cabinet drawings, Recommendations for the cooling and fire safety systems
    • Site acceptance tests and commissioning




    sunsys-std-outdoor-integration.jpgOutdoor integration in 10 and 20 Ft container

    Drop and use solution provided by SOCOMEC:
    • Integration of an insulated container with all storage equipment, fire safety system, cooling service, lighting
    • Factory acceptance tests
    • Delivery to customer site
    • Full solution documentation and grid connection grid connection guideline
    • Site acceptance tests and commissioning


  • Range components