Modular energy storage architecture for on-grid and off-grid applications
From 33 to 400 kVA / 92 to 730 kWh

SUNSYS STD is constructed of standard equipment: bi-directional converters, battery racks, AC & DC protection panels and with an unique Power Management System, able to operate independently or easily integrated to your EMS.



• Commercial and Industrial Buildings
• Isolated Microgrids
• Renewable Energy Integration
• Resilient Microgrids
• Electric Vehicle charging infrastructures


A ready-to-use complete offer

Custom with standard equipment

Equipment can be combined in a multitude of configurations, from 33 to 400kVA, and from 92 to 730kWh, suitable for most microgrids and C&I applications.

Shorter project lead time

Based on standard equipment and pre-tested configurations, the design and quotation, installation and commissioning process is much faster.

Tested, validated and documented

Each configuration is tested and documented, making electrical & mechanical installation fast and safe and easy to maintain.

On-site commissioning

SOCOMEC experts attend site to commission each installation and for any last minute trouble shooting.

Ensure safety, power quality and continuity of service from your electrical energy storage solution


A storage system is constructed of low voltage AC & DC equipment that deserves special attention:
• Full compliance with the LV protection plan to safeguard people
• Implementation of devices to guarantee the integrity of electrical equipment (surge arresters, fuses, load break switches, circuit breakers)
• Accurate power monitoring based on DIRIS Digiware multipoint monitoring system


Specific consideration for Lithium-ion batteries:
• Power converters with the lowest common mode noise on the market, preserving battery integrity
• Insulation monitoring on DC side
• Recording and monitoring of battery data


And for configurations delivered in fully integrated outdoor containers:
• Specific Battery compartment with external access
• Fire detection and extinguishing system
• Cooling system

Continuity of service

Power backup: Multiple islanding options after power interruption without the loss of supply


Modular and redundant hardware:
• Distributed and modular architecture for connection between converter and battery to ensure maximum operation
• Maximize storage converter efficiency and lifetime with Dynamic Power Control function
• Independent hot swappable power modules for maintenance operation without interruption

Power quality

P/Q regulation for:
• Ensuring the Demand / Response balance
• Managing reactive power

Voltage and frequency regulation to ensure the quality of the distributed energy compliant with EN 15060 standard (OffGrid applications)
Permanent power monitoring and metering thanks to DIRIS Digiware
Source management with P (f) function for the regulation of renewable energy production, the control of diesel generators and the control of circuit breakers

Standards compliant

• Converter product & installation : IEC 62909-1
• Converter safety : EN 60950-1/A2; EN 62477-1
• Lithium cells and battery safety : IEC 62619
• EMC : EN 61000-3-11 : EN 61000-3-12 / EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-4
• Interconnection & interoperability : IEEE 1547
• Grid code : Contact us to discuss your specific Grid Code requirement

Specific needs?

Socomec has created a dedicated team to help bring your vision to life, by engineering turnkey solutions.

  • Standard and option features


    Our standard equipment and various configurations are able to perform the state of the art Energy Storage functionalities to maximize the return on investment


    On-grid functions
    Function Benefits
    Peak Shaving
    Limit power demand of the grid to a maximum value

    Eliminate penalties in case of higher power demand

    Energy shifting
    Shift energy consumption over time
    Store grid energy when the price is low and consume it when price is high (Price arbitrage)
    Increase energy supply during periods of high demand (example EV Charging)
    Maximize the consumption of the energy produced locally
    Reduce the energy bill by consuming renewable energy cheaper than the energy drawn from the grid
    Power Factor Correction
    Consumes and injects reactive power, in accordance with the grid code
    Eliminate reactive power penalties
    Grid services
    Help operators to stabilize the grid by drawing or injecting energy
    Generate additional revenue (participation intenders from grid operators or aggregators for voltage/frequency regulation, demand/response programs or capacity market)
    Full off-grid functions
    Function Benefits
    Voltage & frequency regulation
    Guarantee the power quality of the microgrid in accordance with the standard EN 50160

    Ensure the proper functioning of the microgrid
    Optimize the lifetime of the electrical equipment

    Production/consumption balancing
    Use the storage system as microgrid balancing means by charging or discharging the battery
    Stabilize the microgrid
    Avoid blackout
    PV production control
    Control PV production with P(f) function
    Microgrid stabilization by balancing production
    Diesel generator control
    Limit the use of the genset and only to nominal power
    Increase the genset lifetime
    Reduce fuel consumption
    Black start
    Manage startups depending on production sources and loads
    Guarantees the start of microgrids disconnected from the grid
    Optimize the lifetime of the electrical equipment
    Resilience functions
    Function Benefits
    Unplanned islanding
    Manage grid disconnection after grid failure, black start and grid coupling in accordance with the grid code, thanks to the synchro-coupling card

    Backup and grid coupling without interruption

    Planned islanding
    Manage a planned islanding with a P=0 function and a grid coupling, thanks to the synchro-coupling card
    Totally transparent backup for the electrical system


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