Native outdoor Energy Storage System
From 100 kVA / 186 kWh to several MVA / MWh systems

SUNSYS HES L is a native outdoor system that merges proven technologies to create an all-in-one solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. Partnering with CATL, Socomec has selected the EnerOne liquid cooled LFP battery system as the optimum battery for SUNSYS Hybrid Energy Storage. When it comes to safety, this system sets a new standard.


The solution for

• Commercial and Industrial Buildings
• EV charging infrastructure
• Isolated microgrids
• Resilient microgrids
• Renewable energy integration



High safety

• Socomec PCS uses safe conversion technology to limit the common mode noise effect.
• CATL Battery utilises the stable LFP chemistry that can withstand thermal runaway.
• SUNSYS HES L is compliant with UL9540-2020.

Extreme flexibility

• 3 standards cabinets (C-Cab, B-Cab and DC-Cab) and 1 engineered to order AC-Cab that can be adapted.
• The installation can be upgraded with increased power and/or increased energy.

Fast and error-free installation

• B-Cabs are shipped fully assembled.
• The intelligence (PMS & BMS) is integrated inside the C-Cab.
• Drilling plates and DC connecting kits are provided to simplify the installations.

Easy maintenance

• Reduced maintenance with HVAC replaced by air filters.
• Hot-swappable power modules in the C-Cab.
• B-Cab individually disconnected for module replacement.