Reinforced urban cabinets

Suitable for urban environments

With over 40 years of experience in the design of enclosures and cabinets,
SOCOMEC has developed a complete range of enclosures to protect outdoor equipment against vandalism.



Made from painted stainless sheet steel, these cabinets offer maximum resistance to first-level mechanical abuse, with door reinforcements and adapted locks and latches.
Treated with special varnish, they are graffiti and sticker-proof.

Patented closure system

An 8-point door latch system prevents the risk of intrusion. The lock is a 2-key lock:
• 1 x ½ cylinder key, DIN 18252, key number to be confirmed for locking/unlocking
• 1 x 8-mm spanner key to operate the closing mechanism
This is camouflaged by an anti-burglar cover with fingerprint lock.

Uninterrupted power

The chassis design means you can install and uninstall the enclosure without having to shut off the power to the equipment.

Flexible configuration

With these scalable solutions, Socomec can adapt the solution to best suit your requirements.