Motorised operation

RTSE - remote controlled from 40 to 3200 A

• RTSE switching enclosures are changeover solutions which can be remotely controlled by volt-free contacts from, for example, an external automatic controller to ensure power availability for critical applications.
• From 40 to 160A, the enclosures are equipped as follows:
- ATyS S (12 VDC, 2 x 230 VAC) available up to 125 A,
- ATyS d M (2P/4P) in modular format for optimised integration.
• From 125 to 3200A, the enclosures are equipped with ATyS d (4P), with back to back switch configuration, providing a more compact solution and enabling easier connection.


Dedicated solution

The RTSE switch is a solution that has been designed and tested to be reliable, safe and easy to use.

Multiple configurations

The RTSE range comes in a choice of a polycarbonate or steel enclosure for network/network, network/genset or genset/genset setups.