Type A earth leakage relays for motor load break

RESYS P40 earth leakage relays associated with a remote trip breaking device (automatic power breaking), provide the following functions:
- protection against indirect contact,
- limitation of leakage currents.
They also preventively monitor electrical installations via their (configurable) pre-alarm function or when used as signalling relays.


Fully configurable

• 2 relays with configurable function (alarm or pre-alarm at 50% I∆n).
• Adjustmenent of I∆n from 0.03 to 30 A.
• Time delay 0 to 10 s.
• Positive or negative security configurable by the user.
• Selection of toroid ratio.

Tripping accuracy by TRMS measurement

Improves immunity to nuisance tripping.

Instantaneous display of permanent leakage currents

The LED bargraph provides a real-time display of fluctuations in leakage currents.

Compact 48x48mm sealed case

Compact 48 x 4 8 mm case is particularly well suited to integration in MCCs with high density withdrawable compartments.

Improved immunity to EMC interferences

The device has new electronics which improve electromagnetic compatibility.