Type A earth leakage relays with automatic reclosing

RESYS M40R earth leakage relays associated with a remote trip breaking device (automatic power breaking and reclosing), provide the following functions:
- protection against indirect contact,
- limitation of leakage currents.
- reclosing of trip breaking device after earth leakage detection and power supply breaking.
The relay recloses the system up to six consecutive times after different time intervals. If the fault is still present after the sequence of six reclosing attempts, the relay is locked in alarm mode and a manual intervention will be required.
Rapid recognition of an insulation fault increases the availability of the distribution network by preventing accidental power cuts and the resulting loss of production. TRMS measurement avoids repeated random tripping and the bargraph allows the display of permanent leakage current.


Automatic reclosing

This function provides protection, particularly in isolated sites or for processes requiring a restart in the event of transient faults (continuity of service ensured in the absence of a maintenance team).

Fully configurable

• Adjustment of I∆n from 0.03 to 30A.
• Time delay 0 to 10 s.

Ensures continuity of the power supply for strategic applications or in isolated sites

In the majority of cases, where the fault is not permanent, simply reclosing may resolve the situation.

Tripping accuracy by TRMS measurement

Improves immunity to nuisance tripping.

Instantaneous display of permanent leakage currents

The LED bargraph provides a real-time display of fluctuations in leakage currents.